Laying a Cedar Shake Roof

Laying a cedar shake roof is not an easy job, the cedar shakes on a roof can be done by yourself or you can get professional roofing contractors to do this project. However the second option will rid your from a number of hazards.

Here are the instructions to lay a cedar shake roof in a proper way.

  • First scuffle the cedar shakes in the box itself. This will give you a nice mixture of colors while installing the cedar shakes on the roof.
  • Use a nail to drip edge all along the roof space.  It is always better to place a waterproof material at the lower part of roofs which overlaps the drip edges.
  • Cover the roof area above waterproof material with fifteen pound felt which is overlapping the bottom edge.
  • After laying the felt properly, then nail the drip edges all along rakes. Then nail the top edges of felt strip into sheathing for every five or six feet.
    Set up the cedar shakes in a straight line at a nine inch exposure.
  • Then at the other side of the roof region, install the shingles in a straight line.
  • Place a twine to the two cedar shakes butt end and queue up the butts using a twine or string. The cedar shakes should be placed in such a way that it must be spaced 3/8″ apart
  • Install the second course cedar shakes directly over the first course.
  • The joint among two cedar shakes at one course must be closed by overlapping the shakes for about 1 ½ inches and it should not cross this limit. Always nail the cedar shakes in right place using two inch nails.
  • While nailing the final 2 courses at the roof, the ends of the shakes will get extended above the roof edge. So with the help of circular saw, cut all extended edges of shakes together and fit them properly.
  • Always flash valleys using galvanized form of valley flashing.
  • Adhere the flashing and caulk over any nails which are viewing.  Likewise arrange all the cedar shakes on the roof.  Glue the last row of shakes down with roofing caulk.


The author of this article is a famous roofing contractor with vast experience on the technicalities of roofing. He has written several articles on roofing materials and neutral and fact filled reviews of services provided by Vancouver roofing contractors for popular websites.

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